Past Projects
Microfinance Process Excellence Awards (MPEA)
PlaNet Finance India and ABN AMRO Bank together instituted Microfinance Process Excellence Awards (MPEA) in 2004 with the objective to promote process based management in microfinance institutions and strengthen their professionalism and effectiveness. The awards were the result of a careful analysis of the microfinance practices and institutional needs in India based on the experiences of the award partners. These awards aimed to foster a culture of process management and improve the management functions in the microfinance operations.

In 2005 the awards were just spread over three categories, However based on the scale of operation of the microfinance institutions, it was regionalized in 2006 to gauge regional excellence amongst microfinance institutions for their scale and effectiveness in operations. The award categories were created to provide equal opportunity to institutions of all scales to nominate themselves for the Award.

Partnering on the Awards, Moumita Sen Sarma, Vice President, and Microfinance Business Unit at ABN AMRO Bank had said that the awards were a useful exercise for all banks and financial institutions who are looking to invest in the microfinance sector since awards contribute in building management quality and efficiency for the sector.

The meticulously designed Awards Process involving nomination, pre-selection, training and technical support, implementation and monitoring and final evaluation has been beneficial in scrutinizing participating institutions for their operations, portfolio and reach as well as growth. In 2006 the awards participation was almost excess to 140 institutions against 94 in 2005 and the regionalization of the awards helped the vision of the awards penetrate deeper into regional microfinance sectors. You could gather more information on the awards from

Impact :
ABN AMRO in partnership with PlaNet Finance India not only pioneered rewarding process excellence in (MFIs) but also helped establish industry benchmarks and elevated the standards of Process Management across MFIs in India. In all in 2006, 3 National Awards were also given. A total of 19 awards were on the stands for the taking. The six month long process culminates in a gala award ceremony. Over 350 MFIS/NGO participated in these awards across 3 years.

The awards were classified into 3 categories according to the size of competing MFIs - Flint, Flame and Fire. Within each of these categories, the awards ensured balanced representation from the under-served states of the country – 3 awards in each of the 5 regions - North, South, East, West and the North East. This ensured that each organization has the opportunity to compete in its own class and geographic space
Business Line: Technical Assistance & Advisory Services
Sub-Business Line: Capacity Building
Duration: Year 2005-2008 : 3 Years

Audience section at MPEA 2005
Haresh Shah with Awardees MPEA 2006
Haresh Shah With Mr. Brij Mohan MPEA 2005
MPEA 2005
Haresh Shah With Nachiket Mor at MPEA 2005