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About Positive Planet India

Positive Planet India, the representative office of Positive Planet in India, is a non-profit and tax-exempt 'Trust' that works for sustainable social and economic development in India by supporting and promoting financial inclusion in India. Positive Planet India has been involved in the Indian financial inclusion since 2001. Thanks to its mixture of highly motivated Indian and French corporate leaders, an extremely well qualified international staff supported by passionate Indian developmental professionals the organization over this last decade has implemented activities in rural and urban India, and has served more than 160+ local microfinance programs and financial institutions across India.

Positive Planet India has worked across with a wide spectrum of institutions with National bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD), Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) on a national level and with NGOs and MFIs at grassroots level for facilitating financial inclusion.

Since 2014, Positive Planet India consciously chooses projects that have scale and impact a significant number of people on a sustainable basis. Positive Planet India’s strategy is to work at national level with the regulators, policy makers, institutions of national importance for policy advocacy to build strong foundation for facilitating deepening of financial inclusion and work with grassroots organisations for capacity building that support the people at the base of the pyramid for financial inclusion, financial literacy & sustainable livelihoods. Positive Planet India believes in the power of technology as an enabler for driving sustainable change and meaningful financial inclusion at the base of the pyramid and intends to keep technology and digital inclusion at the centre for future projects.

Major public funders like, BNP PARIBAS, NABARD, SIDBI, GIZ, EUROPEAN UNION, CITIBANK, PERNOD RICARD, ABN AMRO BANK (now a part of Royal Bank of Scotland), , Foundation for Sustainable Development and many more have supported Positive Planet India’s work.

What We Do

Access To Financial Services: Financial Inclusion

Positive Planet India works on those projects that promotes meaningful, responsible, scalable and sustainable financial inclusion in the country.

Access To Water: Sustainable Livelihoods of Farmers

Positive Planet India looks to work on river rejuvenation, building water resources like check dams, recharging wells and building Pubic-Private-Civil-Society Partnership.

Access To Markets: Building Agricultural Value Chains

Positive Planet India works on agricultural value chain projects that by helping to strengthen the livelihood earnings capacity amongst Indian farmers by providing them access to markets, capacity building and financial literacy.
Partner with Positive Planet India to support farmers in Maharashtra.

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Support grassroots organisations for capacity building for empowering people at the base of the pyramid

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Positive Planet selected as one of the top 100 NGOS of the world 2013/01/30 by The Global Journal

“Positive Planet introduces new ideas and programs that will give the world’s most underprivileged people access to basic services. I’m proud to support them�?
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Founder of Grameen Bank with The PlaNet Finance Team at the Asia ITC Brussels�?conference.

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